· 300 bhp, 370 cu. in. OHV V-8, triple two-barrel Rochester carburetors with vacuum linkage, Strato-Flight Hydra-Matic automatic transmission, independent front suspension with unequal length A-arms and coil springs, live rear axle with coil springs, and four-wheel power drum brakes. Wheelbase: 122 in.

· Desirable 300-horsepower Tri-Power engine

· An outstanding highway cruiser

You don’t have to know anything about a ’58 Pontiac Convertible to appreciate it. It is a car that could only have come from America; it was 211 inches and heavy steel and chrome, it had numerous hot engine options.  In its first year of having its own line of cars, the Bonneville was among the hottest cars in the red-hot GM lineup, and a Tri-Power Bonneville Convertible paced the 1958 Indianapolis 500. It was an expensive and exclusive car, though—both price and production were comparable to Corvette—and only 3,096 convertibles sold that first year. At the same time there were 7,359 Chieftain convertibles.

Beyond the styling, Pontiac was a high-performance engine company with its own unique offerings. The 370-cubic inch V-8 was overbuilt, dependable, and supremely powerful, especially with the Tri-Power/Hydra-Matic transmission combination, which yielded 300 horsepower, thanks to 10.5:1 compression and a high-lift cam. Hot Rod tested a Tri-Power sedan in 1958, and they found that it was capable of 60 mph in 7.6 seconds, but the convertible does weighs about 200 pounds more than the sedan, so it would be a second or two slower. (As few enthusiasts today are buying Bonnevilles to win drag races, it’s an easy trade-off to make for convertible style.) A Rochester fuel-injection setup that was rated at 310 horsepower was also available, but in testing, Motor Trend found that the Tri-Power was actually faster and, of course, much less trouble.

Restorations of 1958 Bonneville & Chief tan Convertibles are difficult and expensive, as supplies of NOS parts and parts cars are both highly limited. Fortunately, this car has not only had an amazingly well-preserved restoration, Completed this year 2014 you can be assured that it is in top running condition. The carburetors are freshly tuned, and a new top and wide whitewall radial tires complement the interior work. 

This is a Pure Pontiac that has been re badged the main differences in the Bonneville and Chieftan were practically all cosmetic. Both were made in the same manner and shared the same facilities While this was the final year for the chief tan it was a New beginning for the Bonneville. Practically every option the Bonneville had this Chief tan  now has from the additional chrome to  leather seats  meticulously done to be able to represent the fine Bonneville tradition.